About Newd Gyal Organic

Newd Gyal Organic Sugaring Wax is a natural alternative to hair removal. Our Sugaring Wax provides salon results at home using all natural ingredients. It is also water soluble and suitable for sensitive skin.

Newd Gyal Organic Sugaring Wax is the brainchild of a hair removal enthusiast who was forced to get creative with her hair removal methods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proud owner of very sensitive skin with a low threshold for pain, she researched how she could recreate the salon experience from the safety of her own home and thus, Newd Gyal Organic Sugaring Wax was born.

Newd Gyal Organic Sugaring Wax contains 100% natural ingredients that are water soluble and gentle on the skin.

What is Sugaring

Sugaring is a method of removing unwanted hair by applying a mixture of citrus, sugar and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair.

Newd Gyal Organic Strip Sugar Wax is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, as it is made of organic ingredients and is even safe enough to eat!

Our Sugar Wax is water soluble, meaning it will dissolve when it comes in contact with water. If the process is too intense, you can simply wash it off and try again later, unlike traditional waxing, which can only be removed by being ripped off!

That’s why Newd Gyal Organic Strip Sugar Wax is perfect for DIY at home hair removal.